Sam Kramer as Bono

Just like Bono (tape-act)

"Just like Bono" is a high energy entertainment act with Sam Kramer as Bono. This U2 tributes is perfect for corporate events, private parties or festivals. With Sam Kramer as Bono sound-alike you get a top performer singing the biggest U2 hits live.

Initially we sometimes get skeptical response when we say that Sam's voice resembles that of Bono's who is in fact one of the most famous rock stars on the planet. But once on stage hisSam Bono SBS6 movements, voice and singing skills astonishes the audience including even the most fanatic U2 fan. The typical sound of the U2 singer is copied perfectly. Sam is from childhood a fan of U2 and is also an experienced singer. He performs worldwide since 2005 as Bono double at corporate events, private parties, trade fairs, anniversary celebrations, radio shows etc. 


Bono solo - unplugged (tape-act)

Especially for quiet or solemn matters as dinner shows, weddings or even funerals we created an unplugged version of "Just like Bono." "Bono solo - unplugged" is a tape-act with backing tracks that were recorded semi-acoustic. In this initimate act you will imagine yourself at an MTV unplugged session.

Because Sam is a Bono sound-alike even more than a look-alike, the songs he sings make an enormous impression. Many listeners will get a lump in the throat when listening to an emotional "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Meet Bono from nearby and discover the sensitive side of U2 in an act in which he sings live, sitting on a bar stool.Bono solo


Bono and The Edge

If your budget allows more climax, then take a look at Bono and The Edge. You will be surprised that there is an act even more special than the above! Including a very sexy belly dancer during "Mysterious Ways"


Watch Bono and The Edge U2 live!!