U2 theater show

Seizoen 2019 - 2020

U2 theater show

In this impressive theater show, Sam Kramer proves together with his band U2two, that U2 also scores in theater. In one show you get a summary of 40 years of U2 songs. 

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U2 unplugged
U2 unplugged

The theater show starts very intimate with the four bandmembers of U2two who look exactly like the real bandmembers of U2. Sitting on a barstool they bring a few acoustic songs. During the show the audience is slowly taken to a higher level of energy.

Mr. MacPhisto

After the break the gold-clad devil figure mr. MacPhisto suddenly appears. The alter ego which Bono coined in the 90s, speaks a few wise words to the audience  about society and the future that awaits us.

Belly dancer Mysterious Waysmr. MacPhisto

If MacPhisto has spoken and danced his fantastic "devils dance", a sexy belly dancer appears on stage. She moves along with MacPhisto in "Mysterious Ways". This song was inspired by the story of Salome, the daughter of King Herod. He asked his dancing daughter what she wishes as a reward. She asks the head of John the Baptist on a plate.

Miss Sarajevo

The show contains a beautiful version of the song Miss Sarajevo. During the song a real Miss appears who makes the audience very happy parading with her stunning looks.

U2 concertU2two

The U2 theatershow is mostly a U2 concert in which the biggest U2 hits are played. Everything is imitated to perfection and due to the bizarre similarity of the band, you imagine yourself throughout the show in the presence of U2 themselves.