U2 rock service Basiliek Veenendaal (NL)


U2rock service + miniconcert U2two

A church service based on U2 songs led by Rev. Jan Andries de Boer (Winkel, NH) in collaboration with U2two live. Right afterwards a mini concert.


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10,00 € tax incl.

10,00 € per pers. (korting al bij 4p.)

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U2 rock service + mini concert


Sam Kramer (Bono)

Michael Rothuizen (The Edge)

Wilco van Esschoten (Adam Clayton)

Marten Bakker (Larry Mullen jr.)


For 10 years they have been working together now in this very special gospel project. Reverent Jan Andries de Boer (Winkel, Netherlands) aka "Rockpastor" and U2 tribute band "U2two". During that time they have shaken many churches and congregations to the foundation with their U2 Rock Service...both literally and figuratively. The message in the lyrics of the world famous Irish rock band U2 cannot be mistaken and the volume of the show is more like a rock concert than a church service.

Many fans are ignorant when it comes to U2 and their relationship with God. Frontman Bono in particular does not hide his faith. Reason enough for Rev. de Boer to devote a complete church service to it and ... with success! From normal christian congregation, Catholic church to evangelical congregation: De Boer is invited with U2 tribute band "U2two" and the organizing congregation is often forced to send people home because they simply don't have enough seats. 

You will not soon experience a swinging church service with an even more dancing pastor. Moreover, if you love U2, you must have experienced this!


What is a U2 rock service??!

A ecumenical church service in which psalms and hymns have been replaced by songs from the world-famous band U2. Those songs are played live on rock volume by U2two. All elements of a normal church service have been processed. The essence of faith in Jesus gets clear in the - for many surprising - content of the song lyrics of U2. These are projected in English together with the Dutch, German or French translation. Instead of a sermon, all songs and their texts are explained using the Bible.



A professional tribute band that many a U2 fan call the most convincing imitation of U2 in the world. Not only the voice of front man Sam Kramer is suspiciously similar to that of the U2 singer, both men could also have been brothers in terms of appearance. U2two knows how to let people experience both the music and the entire atmosphere of U2. Because this is a tribute band (tribute), no effort or expense has been spared to be identical in appearance to U2 itself. For example, the famous "Bono shades" and "The Edge hat" are certainly not missing! Although some people feel a bit uncomfortable with this, the band members (big U2 fans themselves) want to give their audience the "U2 feeling" as much as possible. But let's be honest.. don't we all want to look a bit like our idol? U2 fan or not: you won't believe your ears and eyes!!


Buy tickets??!

Charging an entrance fee to attend a church service is rather odd. However, the organization has decided to do this in order to prevent having a collection of expenses to be held in a large room such as De Basiliek. To compensate for the uncomfortable feeling of "paying for a church service", U2two will give a mini concert of approximately 45 minutes afterwards. Then everyone is happy again.