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Church service based on U2 lyrics with Psalms and Hymns replaced by live played U2 songs by U2 cover band U2two 

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Some churches dare to step outside the boundaries of the known church system. The result is unmistakable a crowded church hall with visitors who have come from near and far to experience the "U2 Rock Service" phenomenon. Some of them haven't seen a church from inside for many years due to personal reasons. However, they give the service to the benefit of the doubt and they have not been disappointed yet!

What is a U2 rock service?

A U2 rock service is to be compared with a standard service as it is known from the Protestant Christian communities. There is a pastor, the Bible opens and there is singing. But there is one big difference from a normal church service. The U2 rock service shakes the foundations of the Church, literally and figuratively speaking. Church visitors dance, hands go concert-like in the air on the rythm of the music and even the pastor swings like a mad man! As icing on the cake U2's songs are played live by a U2 cover band that is unparalleled. The average visitor won't believe his eyes and ears and experience the same feeling as during a U2 concert. All because the band sound identical!

ds. Jan Andries de Boer and U2two

The pastor and creator of the U2 church service Pastor Jan Andries de Boer, invented the service in 2005. Along with U2 cover band "U2two" he brings the service in an impressive and energetic way, preserving the respect for the Almighty God. The so-called "Rock Pastor" is striking passionate and strong present as the leader of the rock service. He ensures that all the usual elements of a service are covered. There is regularly prayer, occasionally readings of passages from the Bible and an actually 'preaching'. Of course every visitor is given the opportunity to actively participate in singing and movement.

Knelt reception of God's Blessing

If everyone prayed in silcence at the end of the service, the "Our Father" prayer is spoken aloud in common English. Then everyone is given the opportunity to kneel on the ground - out of respect for the presence of the Almighty God - to receive God's indispensable blessing.

Valuation church, God and U2

Many organizing church councils are thanked profusely after the service by its members that they have had the guts to bring such a big production into church. A U2 rock service is extremely appreciated by the visitors given the enthusiastic responses before and especially during and after the service. The appreciation of the church in this way gets a full boost. That the image of God is adjusted in a very positive way, is inevitable. Amazement reigns above all towards the world-famous rock band U2. Many people discover in a U2 rock service the reason behind Bono's commitment to injustice and extreme poverty in the world.

Want a U2 rock service?

Do you want to organize a U2 rock service in your church? Please contact us. We provide pricing information, several constraints when it comes to travel and accomodation (outside The Netherlands) and even support you with marketing materials at an affordable price (Europe only). There are also several themes which are connected to specific U2 albums.